Above image, by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I Had to write another description of my work today, and found that it was a lot easier than I anticipated. I was quite pleased. Posted a portion of it below:

I am not painting; I am feeling through my sight. It’s that precise connection that led me to my overall motif. The importance of the moment from eye to hand to brush to substrate is so infinite in worth I feel as though I must preserve it.  The chimerical demonstrations that one brush stroke can embody is so unique to the individual artist… Everybody touches things differently; there isn’t one touch that is the same.  I propound grand importance on my touch because I feel that that is all that’s left in my art. I also think it’s one of the few things left to discuss in the entirety of the art world. Therefore I choose to preserve my touch within the agglomerate of my pinching colors. At times I completely encapsulate one brush stroke and obliterate its texture so as to remove its underlying emotional, tactile, and tangible significance.  By doing so to a brush stroke it distances the viewer from it and imparts an entirely new conception into the volumetric threshold of our intangible, cold, and fettered digital world. I am destroying the mark in order to protect it from this world, because it’s such an intimate and beautiful manifestation.

"Baby In Hair" and "Deride"

New medium, I finally finished working with... More to come!

Baby In Hair
6"x 7.2"
Mixed media

Mixed media 

(Deride close-up)


Hoping to get in the Arts and council exhibit in August with this piece and a couple others... To be posted.

Mixed media on Arches
9"x 23"