Above image, by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Map

You are looking at the old map. It assisted in creating the new map, which you can view on my new website, at www.jakeadamsart.com.

The Emotional map of recovery through FTC(Form, Texture, Color)

       I know its been a while, but all the new work is finally here in the next three posts... I will be including the rest of the series within the next week or so.

Further in the series part 2... More to Come

Compassion, Moment Two
Mixed Media


Is it mail or female?
Mixed media on canvas

Further in the new series...

Mixed media



Another new series completed! Or is it...?

Compassion Moment One 
mixed media


(Untitled) pours...
Mixed media

-(Close Ups)-

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Domain Launched- www.jakeadamsart.com!

--For now on when browsing for this blog, all you will have to type in is www.jakeadamsart.com  !

This new domain was established this week and was officially launched today, enjoy the artwork, and feel free to critique, comment, or simply view all the great additions that will be coming soon. Now you don't have to punch as many letters on the keyboard... It's a beautiful thing.

Thank you for supporting J. adams studios,

Jake Adams

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Explaining the four part series... Entitled- On a Moments Notice

------Its difficult to put into words for me hence the fact that I stick to visual tangibility... Nonetheless, I will give a little background on these four recent paintings, all completed within 2 months, One was started a month before I started the series but thats not important. As you will see, all of the pieces have glazed over charcoal or graphite. To me that was the bond within the series. Its an extremely reflective resin surface, but its all contained within a boundary. A boundary of paint, a literal representation of order. Which in a way was  my main goal for the entire series... A sense of cohesion. Within that cohesion I also wanted to demonstrate my current ideas of painting. That being a preservation of my touch, forever  balancing in between a clear reflective material and the gravity outside of it. In some cases I am going over paint as well as the charcoal or graphite with the resin.
-----Obtaining the shapes of not only the canvas, but also the resin areas was an odd process. A specific process I've been using for a couple of years. The process begins using my "emotional recovery map through color". It involves placing emotions on to a specific color. A color that I see when experiencing the emotion. From the first color I pick, I try to transcend that emotions color into another color through meditation. When I get to that color I am ready to start painting. Because once I choose to use two colors, it becomes much easier for me to translate my feelings into many more variations of those colors. Color theory becomes the last step in this whole process. Every variation of color helps me build up closer to the desired shapes and compositions that I desire.
------All of this finally ties into the shapes in the incessant variety of reflection that occurs in the series as well. The drawing and the reflection become one together, and once that happens, and I realize that every possible reflection can subsist with the painted surface around it, then I accept that the painting is finished.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ether's Sleepless Eye

      -Here we are again, I present the fourth and final part of the series... Maybe final. The four paintings including this one are as follows: Zarathustras Trapezium, The Countdown, The hardest crossing over, and this title, Ether's Sleepless Eye. -- All of which are in order as posted, but "Zarathustra" is a little scattered away from its pack underneath the arts and cultural council post.

Ether's Sleepless Eye
Mixed media on canvas

part 4 of 4

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Hardest Crossing Over

Mixed Media on canvases
- This painting was honestly the most difficult, frustrating, fettering, burgeoning painting I have ever painted... At least since 2010. It really pushed me in ways I didn't want to be pushed. I spent hours just staring at the darn thing without progress. In a way that was progress however... It all is, if you meet your goal. I suppose the goal met me in this case. The title has some in and outs to it which I like, It has allowed me to connect my self to the painting a lot easier. Which in a way is quite reversed. It is three of four in its series, specifically made for New American Paintings, hopefully they will enjoy it. To three months in the making!!!!! Stubborn paint job!

The Countdown

The Countdown
Mixed media on canvases
odd dimensions included
2 of 4
- This is the second of the four part series, serving as the motivation for further production. It really did give me a "launch". That launch is dwindling as we speak unfortunately... But I will work on that. Once again, Enjoy. All I do is make things to enjoy. Isn't that something? 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clown Disembodiment

I had a difficult time with this piece, as it wanted to be what it is, and I was forced to give in. Enjoy.
Clown Disembodiment
Mixed Media
30"x 26"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Show / Case

Arts & Cultural Council exhibit!
"The Member Showcase"
Arts & Cultural Council
277 North Goodman street,
Rochester, NY, 14607

Opening Friday, August 2nd at 6:00- 9:00 pm

Come see my work!

"This art mounts an assault on perceptual empiricism."

"As our conflicting perceptions compete for primacy the
artist instills a cognitive dissonance."

-- Nicholas Baume--

I hope that people will come to the "Member Showcase Exhibition".
It will be on display from August 2nd until the 29th.
 Please Join me, Jake Adams, this friday the 2nd for the opening reception.
The artwork being displayed is entitled"Euclidean irregularity"
(it is also shown on the blog several posts down from this one).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Three Powers

There is a certain aspect in life that is a disguised necessity...  It is also a way of life. This necessity is the "three spaces", work, home, and recreation. To me they are a balance of powers, and what a power they can be when unchecked!  Today I felt that balance.


"The Triumvirate"
The Triumvirate (close)
48"x 32"x?

(Close up 2)

"The Triumvirate"
approximately-48"x 32"x ?
June 25th, 2013
Synthetics and Acrylic on wood

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Seducer

"The Seducer" (close 2)

"The Seducer" (close 1)
63" x 28" x vary"
Polymer Resin with
wooden Structure

(Close 3)

"The Seducer"
63" x 28" x vary"
Polymer Resin with
wooden Structure + pigment

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I Had to write another description of my work today, and found that it was a lot easier than I anticipated. I was quite pleased. Posted a portion of it below:

I am not painting; I am feeling through my sight. It’s that precise connection that led me to my overall motif. The importance of the moment from eye to hand to brush to substrate is so infinite in worth I feel as though I must preserve it.  The chimerical demonstrations that one brush stroke can embody is so unique to the individual artist… Everybody touches things differently; there isn’t one touch that is the same.  I propound grand importance on my touch because I feel that that is all that’s left in my art. I also think it’s one of the few things left to discuss in the entirety of the art world. Therefore I choose to preserve my touch within the agglomerate of my pinching colors. At times I completely encapsulate one brush stroke and obliterate its texture so as to remove its underlying emotional, tactile, and tangible significance.  By doing so to a brush stroke it distances the viewer from it and imparts an entirely new conception into the volumetric threshold of our intangible, cold, and fettered digital world. I am destroying the mark in order to protect it from this world, because it’s such an intimate and beautiful manifestation.

"Baby In Hair" and "Deride"

New medium, I finally finished working with... More to come!

Baby In Hair
6"x 7.2"
Mixed media

Mixed media 

(Deride close-up)


Hoping to get in the Arts and council exhibit in August with this piece and a couple others... To be posted.

Mixed media on Arches
9"x 23"

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last High falls art exhibit in Rochester, NY... On June 2nd @ 3:00- Be There!!

"Euclidean Irregularity"
Acrylic, oil, and gelatin

"Two plenums"(unfinished photo)
Mixed Media
"Two Plenums"(side view)
Mixed Media

2013 Alliance Exhbition

These two works will be featured in
 The 2013 Alliance for young artists exhibit in Manhattan 
on May 30th... Location to be announced. 

"Hard Water"
Mixed Media

2013 Alliance Exhibit (image 2)

"Hard Body"
Mixed Media