Above image, by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

by Jake Adams- 2008-Wall series-Charcoal on paper

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Hardest Crossing Over

Mixed Media on canvases
- This painting was honestly the most difficult, frustrating, fettering, burgeoning painting I have ever painted... At least since 2010. It really pushed me in ways I didn't want to be pushed. I spent hours just staring at the darn thing without progress. In a way that was progress however... It all is, if you meet your goal. I suppose the goal met me in this case. The title has some in and outs to it which I like, It has allowed me to connect my self to the painting a lot easier. Which in a way is quite reversed. It is three of four in its series, specifically made for New American Paintings, hopefully they will enjoy it. To three months in the making!!!!! Stubborn paint job!

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